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"Foreigner" Feels Like the First Time (review)

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“Foreigner” At Proctors


State Street Schenectady

“Foreigner” was in town. This was a group I had to see—again. I was not alone. The crowds were coming, and the seats at the beautiful Proctors theater in Schenectady were quickly filling up. Anticipation was in the air. No “one hit wonder” here.

With dozens of chart hits and lots of platinum albums, “Foreigner” was anything but foreign to this crowd. I was fortunate enough to see “Foreigner” way back when, in Germany, no less. But this time I was sitting with my teenaged son, who asked me to go see them. I am not sure what I enjoyed more: The band or the fact that my son and I enjoyed the same music! Yes, classic rock is making a huge come-back, if you hadn’t noticed.

The doors closed. The lights dimmed. And the rock band we all came to see was announced. They opened with “Double Vision”, followed by “Head Games” and “Cold as Ice.” The energy was amazing, from both the crowd and the band, still in sync after all this time. “Juke Box Hero” came up, with a complete audience accompaniment. Kelly Hansen (replacing Lou Gramm), lead singer, did not disappoint. Equally spectacular was the drum solo performed by Chris Frazier. His solo left the fans wanting more. It was absolutely incredible. And what is a rock concert without a phenomenal laser light show?

The concert deserves a special shout out to the Berlin High School choir for their participation.

So many of the classic rock bands are making a huge come back, because many people are rejecting the junk we are forced to listen to today. Classic rock had meaning, and it was fun, and it is here to stay.

It may “Feel Like the First Time”. But it was even better the second time!

-Kim Gorham DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com

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