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"The Blue-Sky Boys" (review)

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The Blue-Sky Boys (thru April 11)

At Capital Rep

Capitalrep.org Albany, NY

“If it’s at the Capital Rep, it’s Got to be Good”

Because I’m a ‘bottom line’ type of guy, here’s the bottom line on “The Blue-Sky Boys” playing at the Capital Rep until April 11th: It’s one of the funnest, funniest and best plays I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I’ll make it easier than that: Don’t change a single line, a single word, a single character or even a single costume. This is one of the few plays that has been created to perfection right out of the box. The special effects, too, are simply superb,  complementing the scenes brilliantly, with dynamic lighting, sound effects and scenery. Quite frankly, "The Blue-Sky Boys" is a potpourri of excellence all across the board.

We all have different tastes in plays. Sometimes we want a good musical, sometimes we want a good drama. And every now and then, we want a great laugh—not an intellectual laugh, but a real down to earth laugh. The “Blue Sky Boys” is that kind of laugh: It offers off-the-mark comical genius. Just when you think the biggest laugh of them all was just delivered (because we have gotten so used to such mediocrity), nope—there’s more, and you‘ll laugh even harder.

Do not underestimate this play as just comedy: It is interwoven with real drama and history which makes this piece a learning experience, as well. The ‘Blue-Sky Boys’ is a work-de force about the project to get the United States to the moon before the Soviets. Lock three of our greatest minds in a room and command them to do the impossible: Get us to the moon, get us back safely, but make sure it’s not made out of glass first by throwing a shatter- resistant rocket at it beforehand. How do we start a project like that? Well, we may just call a few superheroes from history in to do the job, but that’s the only plot giveaway I am revealing.

This play is funny from start to finish, and not just a little funny. It is original in nature, slapstick in comedy, yet serves up history the way we wish all schools could.  The story really makes you think about what it would be like to be one of those three scientists in the room, and our main characters, all of them, deliver their performances brilliantly and to the point. This play is packed with galactic humanity. Where on earth would we start to drum a trip to the moon up? Therein lies the beauty of “The Blue-Sky Boys”: It creatively weaves truth with history into a fast moving piece of comic relief. With great special effects, if you were ever thinking about a dynamic show for your teen to get them away from XBox, this is the one. I brought my teenager to see it, which is never an easy feat. “Dad,” he said, “That is the best play you’ve ever taken me to. Can we see it again?”

And yes, we are seeing it again.

Our cast is wonderful, and it is directed to the “t”. Hang onto this play. This is only the second time it’s been performed and this one is heading for the moon.

  --Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com

Two hours, 1 intermission

“The Blue-Sky Boys”

By Deborah Brevoort

Directed by Gordon Greenberg


Etai Benson

Shayne David

Michael Goldstein

Joseph Kolinski

Orville Mendoza

Andrew Mueller

Tom Templeton

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Address: Albany, NY, USA

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