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"The Village People" Brings it on Down at Proctors!

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The Village People (review)

At Proctors

State Street, Schenectady


To be sure, there are many, many things in life we baby boomers take to heart and will cherish forever. Leading the way?


We bounced around at The Rafters, the one place to be in the capital region. We were the generation to first dance the night away to fog machines, loud music, and let’s never forget big hair and laser light shows. Vietnam was over and we came out to p-a-r-t-y. The first time that laser light show had you dancing in a cone, you felt like king of the world.

The mood of the country was busting to get out and just let it go. And let it go we did—at Proctors, that is, February 20, 2016, when one of the premiere King of Disco groups “The Village People” roared into town on their way around the country.

We were the disco crowd at Proctors. Not many kids showed up, but lots of graying and silver hair did. Yup, that was us, the disco era, those who played in the fog machines and danced until three in the morning to such tunes as “Macho, Macho Man”, “In the Navy”, “Go West”, and let’s never forget, “YMCA”.

The aisles of Proctors were very similar to the dance floor at The Rafters. We were swaying and hopping long before the music started, and dancing in our seats long after the concert ended. Kids may have thought we were crazy, but to each other, that hidden disco code lives on forever.

The Village People put on a spectacular performance, with only minor but forgivable flaws in the production of this show. They wasted time singing this potpourri of “Trash Disco” and tidbits of all the greats—and when I say tidbits, I mean a few words. I personally would have preferred to hear a few songs in their entirety (I blasted “Motown, The Musical” for doing this, as well.), and this group is fully capable of singing anything to near perfection.

The lead in band, “Stockades Kids”, was simply spectacular—but their non-disco theme music broke the liaison between the Gloria Gaynor being pumped in pre show to get the crowd going and the Village People entrance. Disco…disco…contemporary….disco? The tempo was broken, no matter how good the “Stockade Kids” were (and they were good). The pre-show bee-bopping changed entirely as this rush of contemporary rewired our brains out of the disco mode we were set on. Not good.

The Village People are all about fun. They came to see their fans, and their fans came to dance like yesteryear. Only two of the original members are still in the group: Felipe Rose (the Native American) and Alex Briley (the GI). Briley has a voice that is simply mesmerizing which he showed off to the crowd’s delight. His range is like nothing you have ever heard, dancing between high and Bass in a split second. 

This was simply a wonderful show, a reflection of fun times, a reflection of dancing times, a reflection of what disco was all about.

For tour dates: http://officialvillagepeople.com

    --Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend@gmail.com

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