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"Cinderella" Sparkles and Twinkles its Way to a Five Star Performance

Short Description of "Cinderella" Sparkles and Twinkles its Way to a Five Star Performance

Rodger and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” (review)

At Proctors

State Street, Schenectady


“Her name is Ella. But she sits by the

Cinders of the fireplace, so I call her Cinderella.”

Something magical in the air has arrived in Schenectady, and it is nothing short of magnificent.  It's called "Cinderella", and yes, you know the story. To be sure, this rendition and version of the 'Cinderella', playing until January 24th,  is one of the best shows we have seen this year. Don’t shy from seeing this because of the throngs of little girls who may stampede over you in their search for their Prince Charming—although do be on the lookout for the stampede, for your own safety—because this show is so much more than the classic fairytale. For the purists, there are some twists and turns from the original version. But don’t be dismayed and upset: The twists and turns add a delightful sparkle to an already sparkling story, and even make room for some much- needed humor. I won’t give any plot giveaway, but you’ll see the deviations when they happen, lean over to your guest and say, “Hey, in the original, didn’t—“ ??

I maintain this show is just what the doctor ordered. It is funny, upbeat, delightful, and executed perfectly. Also, I must add, the acoustics were perfect. I have had some trouble with acoustics during recent shows, but the acoustics here are a non issue. The only issue is how much you’ll enjoy this show, from start to finish.

The scenery is five star, but most importantly, the singing and acting on all our performers is nothing less than ‘as good as it can get’. The magic and twinkle here spreads much further than the mere glass slippers. Those slippers are donned by a true-to-life Cinderella herself, Kaitlyn Davidson. Ms. Davidson sparkles and performs five star from start to finish, with the voice of an angel and acting abilities that are crisp and succinct. She is in good company, with a Prince (Andy Huntington Jones) who does not upset. But truthfully, everyone here sings well, and pay attention to the dancing, scenery, acting  and effects, because there is no weak link here. You know the story, so just sit back and let the magic carry you away. Too often with classics we expect to be disappointed because of some freaky new version. Not this one. You will love this show.

I must add: Yes, Cinderella is a ‘girl’s’ show—just look at the t-shirts and hair bonnets for sale in the lobby--but this production is so quick moving, and the singing and plot so wonderful, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. You know the story, but the talent in this show makes it worth the trip.

Set to a great orchestra, this show is a must see.

--Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com

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