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Today's Fishing Report for the Slam'n Salmon River in Pulaski NY
The water level in the lower part of the Salmon River in Pulaski NY came up approx. 100 cfs. last night due to all the rain. Normally, you'll see a few Salmon enter and run the river. They should be cooked "well done" and "out of breath", by the time they hit the Ball Park during August. (yukyuk)
We should start getting reports of #'s of Salmon who entered and ran by later today or Sat. Normally, but not always, not enough Salmon to make a special trip up here this early, under these conditions.................... But, if I was to wet a line.... I'd fish from the Staircase down, before they get a sun burn ;)

Now, if the river was at flood stage or extremely high, then it might bring in a bunch as it did 7-10 years ago, early one Sept. I remember for a week, no one was fishing as the river was flooded. Then, the few locals (guides) that did fish after it receded kept quiet about the Thousands of Salmon that had entered, ran and spread out from the top of the Salmon River to the bottom. I found 1 out of the way pool that had at least 300 Bright Silver Kings in this Prime Holding Location that remained in it for the entire Month of Sept. Talk about fish in a barrel ;) I guided that spot almost everyday for the entire month of Sept. with hardly another sole around. This spot didnt have an official name, so I named it the Money Hole. I made so much Money by guiding my guests to those Fresh - Silver Salmon, in an out of the way place, for the entire Month, I thought the name was rather fitting :)
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By the looks of the water gauge at the NORTH BRANCH SALMON RIVER AT REDFIELD NY its running reel good with last nights "flood warnings" and "heavy rain" we got. They had forecast up to approx. 2 1/2 inches in the Pulaski area and possibly 3-4 inches in the Tug Hill area. (Which is where we get most of our water from) This should continue to fill the reservoir's up nicely! I "expect" the normal scheduled water releases once the Salmon Season is truly upon us. I doubt we will see the 185cfs water releases like we did 1 year, while back, during Salmon Season.

Interesting "Very Positive" - Salmon River NY Read:http://www.twcnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2015/05/28/tracking-natural-reproduction-of-salmon-in-the-salmon-river.html

How to Use a GoPro to Take Fish-Friendly Photos:http://www.orvis.com/news/fly-fishing/video-tuesday-tip-how-to-use-a-gopro-to-take-fish-friendly-photos/

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