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Comedy of Errors

Shakespeare & Co

70 Kemble

Lenox, MA




Get ready for Shakespeare like you have never seen him before. I can almost imagine The Bard rolling over and laughing. Did he ever expect a “Comedy of Errors” quite like this? No doubt, far funnier in the 21st century than the 17th. We laugh harder these days.


I remember when I was in college I wrote a formative essay on something or other. I was very proud of it. I could write. I actually made a partial living writing term papers (ok, shoot me).


The professor handed me my paper back, marked in red, and said “Shame on you for taking poetic license. You cannot intentionally break the rules of grammar until you have mastered the rules of grammar.”


I mention this, as Shakespeare & Co has mastered the experience of Shakespeare, and now takes poetic license to make it a fresh, thrilling, wacky, zany comedy we can enjoy even today. I saw something interesting going on in the theater: Kids were there, laughing, which is something I never saw in high school Shakespeare.


The piece is one of the Bard of Avon's oldest, with an unknown date of penmanship. It takes place in Ephesus, and, we quickly learn, two identical twins were separated at birth. Laughter 1: Our twins are on stage holding two photos on a stick of the same person in front of their faces. The rest of the story—no plot giveaway—is simply hilarious errors presented slapstick-style, of love, betrayal and mystery, performed by Brooklynites, bullies, and authentic Shakespearean prose all accompanied by rockin' new music.

This show is hilarious and highly educational, as we learn Shakespeare the way we should have....way back when.....in high school.


--Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com


1 hr 40 minutes

no intermission

family friendly


by Wiliam Shakespeare


directed by Taibi Magar




Aaron Bartz

Ben Chase

Jenelle Chu

Kelley Curran

Cloteal L. Home

Malcolm Ingram

Ian Lassiter

Josh Aaron McCabe

Christianna Nelson

Daniel Rios, Jr

Douglas Seldin

Michael F. Toomey

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Address: 70 Kemble St, Lenox, MA 01240, USA

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