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Thru 8/9/15 - “Murder for Two” (review)

at Capital Rep

111 N. Pearl

Albany, NY



Still thinking of that one 'fun thing' to do this Summer? Delight in the fact that Capital Rep has found one seriously funny play for you to bask in. Yes, “Murder for Two” is playing thru August 9th, and this play is hilarious, Capital H. It is a popcorn kettle of laughter, great piano and mystery popping non stop for an hour and forty minutes, without an intermission!


“Murder for Two” is one of those plays that owes its success to the actors. Know how the service at a great restaurant makes or breaks the date? Great meal, bad service, equals a bad night. Great meal great service makes a great night, a memorable one. Well, our two servers in this play are Kyle Branzel and Brandon Lambert (until July 19th), and they are serving up a great script to make for a fun night out.


This piece is a triage of piano, mystery and humor. Lambert plays a detective wannabee who happens on the scene of the murder of a famous writer in a room of witnesses and potential suspects. Yes, you heard me correctly—a room full of people. Fact is, those people are played by one other actor, Kyle Branzel in this case, who deftly moves from character to character, some women, some men, some ballerinas, some ex lovers. They were all characters in the victim's novel, and one of them must have done the deed. Lambert wants that promotion to detective really badly, and he is determined to solve this crime. With jokes galore, hilarious impersonations, combined with some of the funniest piano duet's to light up the Rep in some time, get ready for a comedy you are not likely to forget any time soon.


--Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com


1 hr, 40 minutes, no intermission

Family friendly, but probably not for kids


  Book and music by Joe Kinosian

  Book and Lyrics by Kellan Blair

  Directed by Scott Schwartz



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Address: N Pearl St, Albany, NY, USA

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