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Photo:  Songs you know you love by Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez at Lena's on Friday.
Greetings - This is going to be a deep and gentle weekend, starting with Friday night's tribute to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. It takes serious talent to do right by these great women, and Kipyn Martin and Allison Shapira have training and heart equal to Circle Game, Diamonds and Rust, Morning Morgantown (Kipyn), Lily of the West (Allison) and more. You won't find Joan or Joni's faces in our front hall collage because somehow neither ever made it to Saratoga when their stars were rising, but we've certainly felt the impact of their songs down through the years.

On Saturday we welcome Saratoga's own Michael Jerling to his home stage, with special guest Niall Connolly opening the show. Michael's rich voice and compassionate, wry, incisive lyrics are so satisfying. I often play Michael's CDs as background music before concerts because their warm melodies and bouncy rhythms make everything feel just right in the room. Per usual, Michael will be accompanied by Teresina Huxtable on organ and accordion and Tony Markellis on bass. 

And on Sunday, Naomi Bindman is releasing a brand new CD of songs by her daughter, Ellen. Ellen, a promising teen songwriter, passed away six years ago. Her mother learned Ellen's songs as a way of keeping her spirit present. Naomi will be accompanied on guitar by the record's producer, the Emmy Award winning Freddy Shehadi. This is a matinee performance, and the Caffe will be closed in the evening.

See you at the show,
Joan & Joni
Kipyn Martin and Allison Shapira
September 18
8 PM
$18 adv / $20 door
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Michael Jerling Trio
With Opener
Niall Connolly

September 19
8 PM
$16 adv / $18 door
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