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at Proctors


State Street, Schenectady


Jay Leno entertained a packed house at Proctors in Schenectady the first day of Spring, and kept them laughing non-stop for about 90 minutes. With his big shock of white hair and shiny shoes, Leno jumped into his standup routine with little fanfare or introduction. With rapid-fire delivery, he joked about everything under the sun…America’s problems with obesity, side effects of medications, his cat, Smart cars, his Italian and Scottish family and references to politicians, of course! Later in the show, Leno expertly engaged the audience by asking the people in the front rows what they did for a living. He never failed to come up with a hilarious comment. Throughout the entire show, the audience responded  with enthusiastic applause and explosive laughter.


Leno is remarkable at age 64, because he exhibits the same energy and enthusiasm for stand-up comedy as he did when he was a much younger man. While clever and witty, he is not offensive and he seems to always laugh with us and not at us. His timing is great and he is a master of the one liner. You can tell he truly loves what he does. 


He speaks to the everyday, average person, and that's one of the many things that's so special about him. You feel despite all his fame, he is still 'one of us'.  He is the affable neighbor you love to invite over to your backyard barbecue to share hearty food and hearty laughs. He is that beloved good- natured brother, uncle or friend whose mere presence makes you feel lighthearted, comfortable and just plain happy to be with. He genuinely seems like a nice guy!



Mention must be made of the Dylan Parrillo’s Orchestra from Albany, N.Y. who opened the Jay Leno show. This group displayed a lot of musical talent and did a fine job of getting the audience to participate in a few of their numbers.


I was particularly excited about seeing Leno in person because like millions of others, I was a Tonight Show fan and keenly felt the loss of his great opening monologues. Even if you had a bad day, you could always count on Leno to left your spirits with his sharp humor. Tonight was no exception.


After a particularly long and brutal winter, Leno’s performance was like a warm ray of sunshine welcoming in our first day of Spring…and just what we all needed!


Joan Plunkett and Elaine DiMaggio


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