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Linda Elder "One of the Greatest Contemporary Voices of Our Time"

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By Stacey Morris

TROY, N.Y. – Legions of loyal fans braved the bitter cold of a February night to turn out for singing legend Linda Eder’s maiden voyage to The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on Saturday. Considered one of the greatest contemporary voices of our time, Eder’s diverse repertoire spans Broadway, standards, pop, country and jazz.  She first gained attention as the tragic character “Lucy” in the Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde.  

Eder has recorded 14 solo albums which highlight her abundant vocal gifts as well as her skill for delivering dramatic, emotionally resonant interpretations of familiar songs while making them her own. Her concerts have been televised on Bravo and PBS.  Her latest cd, Linda Live, was recorded in Saratoga Springs over the summer, and was just recently released to rave reviews.  On Saturday, she enthralled a nearly sold-out audience with an evening of some her favorite standards.

Backed by a highly adept four-piece band, Eder began the evening with a soaring rendition of “Looking Through The Eyes of Love,” and continued with her signature versions of standards such as “Blue Skies,” “Over The Rainbow,” and “On The Street Where You Live.”

In an age where lip-synching passes as performing art and glossy burlesque figurines masquerade as divas, Eder is the real deal. In today’s parlance, she’s what is known as an “American Idol” grand prize winner, imbued with amazing vocal chops and an intriguing, understated charisma.

And her fans adore her.  Eder spent some of the evening in between numbers bantering back and forth to loyalists in the first few rows who shouted out grateful praises. One fan even started an impromptu round of “Happy Birthday” to the February 3rd-born singer, and suddenly, the entire auditorium was in unison. The love was clearly mutual, as Eder shuffled through her notes and announced she was dedicating the next song to a ‘mega-fan’ in the audience named Jerry who had just survived some significant trials. As she quietly began “Climb Every Mountain,” Eder’s voice soon swelled to accommodate a talent rarely heard in person as the singer leaned into an extended high note.

Eder grew up in Minnesota and credits her unpretentious upbringing for keeping her grounded throughout a musical career that has included concert performances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. Before shooting to fame on “Star Search,” Eder was singing at her family’s restaurant in Brainerd, Minn.  “My dad was the chef, and I was the dishwasher,” she recalled with a smile. “When it was slow, I’d go out and sing to customers. I was allowed one song a week, and this was it,” she explained with a smile before launching into the 70’s mega-hit “I’m Not Lisa.”

Eder is often compared with Barbra Streisand and admits the singer was an early influence. But so were Judy Garland and opera singer Eileen Farrell.  It all adds up to an intoxicating tapestry of talent that captivates, astonishes, and leaves you with the feeling that a voice, in the right hands, can be a magnificent thing.

For more information on Linda Eder, visit www.LindaEder.com .

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