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"A Christmas Carol" presented by the Nebraska Theatre Caravan (review)

Short Description of "A Christmas Carol" presented by the Nebraska Theatre Caravan (review)

 “A Christmas Carol” (review)

Presented by the Nebraska Theatre Caravan

at Proctors

State Street, Schenectady



The Nebraska Theatre Caravan's presentation of “A Christmas Carol” is, plain and simple, one of the best versions of this Christmas Classic we have ever seen. The show is here and gone before we know it, just like the holidays, so if you missed it, you must wait until next season. But do see this show. It is simply Christmas, simply delightful, and a not- to- be- missed show.


We instantly knew we were in for a treat as the show opened with a spirited choral group donned with colorful, exquisitely fashioned costumes dancing with a kick in their step and singing beautiful Christmas music. Disney-like scenery dazzled the audience with spinning beds and pendant lights that magically changed with each poignant mood of this premier production.


The odious and stingy Scrooge cleverly amused the audience with his lively antics that actually showed he has a silly side. Jacob Marley's Ghost was everything you might imagine and made a frightening impression on Scrooge and the audience. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future didn't disappoint. Larger than life images took us on Scrooge's journey: Regretful shadows of the past that could not be changed, a dreadful present clearly represented by his peers and an ominous future that must be changed at once.


The stage was filled with the joy of Christmas as the chorus sang and played traditional Christmas games like Blind Man's Buff and the Mistletoe Dance that greatly amused and delighted the audience. The love and sentiment of Tim Cratchit warmed our hearts. And Christmas dinner with the family, complete with plum pudding, seemed to best express the love of family on this special holiday.


“Seize the present for it will soon pass” is one message and true meaning of Christmas. From Tiny Tim to the world: “God Bless Us Everyone!”


Marianna Gatta, for didyouweekend.com


Adapted for the stage by Charles Jones
Musical arrangements by John Bennett

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Address: Proctors, State Street Schenectady

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