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“The Secret Garden” (thru 12/21)(review)

Short Description of “The Secret Garden” (thru 12/21)(review)

“The Secret Garden” (thru 12/21)(review)


111 N. Pearl Street, Albany

“If It's at the Cap Rep, It's Got to be Good”


"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"


There's a Secret going on at the Capital Rep, and it's hidden in The Garden. Yes, The Secret Garden was chosen as the work of art to culminate a splendid and delightful year, with magical singing and extraordinary acting, all thanks, of course, to the handpicked team of some of the finest to make this production a true masterpiece.


The Secret Garden was penned over 100 years ago, and tells the tale of Mary Lennox (BRITTANY ROSS), a British lass raised by Indian Servants in India until the dreaded Cholera wiped out her family. She moves into her uncle' s estate at Misselthwaite Manor in England. Her Uncle, Archibald Craven (COLE BURDEN), is widowed and finds himself painfully reminded of his wife (MOLLIE VOGT WELCH ) by Mary's presence. His wife found solace, and her untimely death, sitting on a tree branch in her own secret garden, a magical place where Mary finds some secrets of her own. What follows is an enchanting tale of strife, life and the rebirth and renewal of the human spirit.


Make no mistake: This performance is enchanting from start to finish, top to bottom. Set amongst a background of exciting scenery, what really sets this production on fire is the five star line-up of vocalists.


Cole Burden sets the stage ablaze with his performance right from the beginning. His voice is strong and tempered, a great find that has a role of Jean Valjean screaming to him somewhere. The role of Lily consistently demands a strong soprano, and Vogt-Welch delivers an unbridled five-star performance.


In so many cases, the females out sing their male counterparts. But not here. Alexander Jones, who we saw perform several times at Sage, shined in his performance, and Brittany Ross, at 15 years old, could not have been better suited for the role.


The Secret Garden is a difficult play to work with. It contains a myriad of twists and turns along the road to redemption, and can sometimes be difficult to follow. But with magic in the air never far from this script, the direction and casting in the performance is as good as it can get.


Double thumbs up. Go see it.

   --Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com


Child friendly. 140 minutes, with intermission.

Books and Lyrics by Marsha Norman

Music by Lucy Simon

Novel by Francis Hodgson Burnett

Directed by Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill




COLE BURDEN (Archibald Craven)

BETSY DiLELLIO* (Rose, Mrs. Winthrop)

RITA DOTTOR* (Mrs. Medlock, violin, viola, flute)

HEATHER FARNEY (Mrs. Shelley, Cello, etc.)


JUSTIN FRIELLO (Fakir, viola, etc.)

ALEXANDER JONES (Captain Albert Lennox)

ELLIOT LANE* (Dickon, violin)




LEENYA RIDEOUT* (Martha, Alice, musician)

FRED ROSE* (Neville, Lt. Wright, musician)

BRITTANY ROSS* (Mary Lennox)


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Address: 111 N. Pearl Street, Albany

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