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"Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live" - review

Short Description of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live" - review

“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live” - review

Colonial Theatre

Berkshire Theatre Group

South St, Pittsfield

[An Interview With Actor Peter Story follows review]


Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage


We love our wives, and hope they love us back. But sometimes we feel as if we are such different creatures, two separate species, lost at sea, who just happened to stumble upon each other by pure happenstance. Remember when Al Bundy on Married with Children was trying to win 'Name That Tune' and forgot the name of the winning song?


“What is the name of that song, Peg!? It's right on the tip of my tongue.”


“Oh, Al, then at least we know it won't live long.”


Yes, relationships are funny. There is nothing better than a good marriage, nothing worse than a bad one. That was one of the many messages brought out in John Gray's infamous book “Men Are From Mars, and Women Are From Venus”, the bestseller that sold in excess of 50 million copies world wide and promised to let us understand each other a whole lot better. The need to understand went viral, before the world even knew what viral was. Despite a population of 6 billion on the planet, we knew we loved each other, and knew there had to be a way to peacefully coexist more than 2.6 hours a week. For all our differences, guess what? We ARE different. Through the fight for equality, we forgot we really are two different species from two different planets.


Today, 20 years after its release, add the word “Live” to the title, and we have one seriously funny play about love, relationships and why we simply don't understand each other. This play, performed by actor Peter Story, is Funny, Capital F. Story, who will clarify “I am not a comedian, I am an actor”, may have missed his calling with his Kevin James style stand up. Yes, the audience did indeed roar, as we laughed at ourselves over and over. Story was a one man dynamo, delivering message after message about relationships flawlessly. He was funny, succinct, and hilarious in nature, while occupying the brain of the Venutian and the Martian simultaneously.


The script here is largely a monologue about Story and his wife and their relationship. The script is paired with intermittent videos of Gray himself, who walk us through the biology of Dopamine and Serotonin. I don't want to give all the one liners away and ruin the comedy, because this show is a laugh a minute. A highlight was when Story laid out the rules for the “Point System” women mastered so you, fellow husbands, can never win the game.


Yes, gentlemen, your worst suspicions have been realized: Yes, women keep a point system. Yes, the game is rigged--not in the male favor.


The concepts are not new by any means, and most of the audience was, well, my age—probably because we remember the impact the book had on us when it was released. The new message applies to people “in a relationship” and correctly states that, even though twenty years old, the messages need to be taught and retaught. We agree with this. Having read the book, elements came out I completely forgot about. Women speak 7,000 words a day, men 2,000. Biologically, our brains are simply wired differently to accommodate for stress: Women go banshee, men take a nap.


Then there's the point system....


I do wish the play had been more rounded away from the personal experience (why we watch the football game) and into more generalities, and that it included more snippits by Gray explaining the funnies that come out in the script. We would also have loved to see an actress on stage with Story nailing the female perspective, and this may have taken away from a dated look and feel The piece wandered between comedy and fact, never really making up its mind which it was. But Story's delivery was flawless, and we found it easy to overlook any shortcomings.


At the end of the day men are hunter gatherers and provide. Men exist only on the level they hold themselves up to against other men. And women need to be listened to and nourished.


After all, women developed.....the point system.


--Richard DiMaggio, didyouweekend.com

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