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Proctors: Cirque Eloize ID -thru 8/10 (review)

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Cirque Eloize iD


State St, Schenectady


Hang onto your chairs, Cirque Eloize iD by the Montreal company may give you whiplash. It is fun, cool, brazen, and grips you with a new angle of circus you've never experienced. To be sure, this is one great show.

If you saw the show last year, Cirkopolis, you were confronted with gray suits and business attire walking along an empty metropolis. We were critical of this show, because it was lost somewhere on kids and lacked pizzazz. No more. This show is all about pizzazz, and came with some of the coolest music anywhere.

The opening scene remains the cityscape, the gray clouds, and the drab, abysmal environment of the big city rat race. This cityscape says it all on many ways, a silver prison of who we've become, set to music of where we want to go.

And then the show—and the clapping—starts. Our talented performers take traditional circus performances and stretch them to the out-of-the-ordinary. Sure, you've seen juggling—but you've never seen it played against a series of windows like this before, with someone jumping around the balls as they are in the air. You've also seen jump roping but not with ten people lined up at once, standing behind each other, one at a time.

The show stopper were the trampolines--Mixed against mirages of falling bricks and hidden trap doors, these came with spins and illusions not to be missed.

There were some safety precautions in place which were welcomed and which we have been advocating for years (not sure the BMX tricks with an audience member was a wise idea...accidents do happen...)

The theme here becomes disconnected at spots, but it doesn't really matter, because the audience is glued to the performances. Kids won't get the city-scape until they're older than ten, which I think becomes a nagging issue as to who the target audience is.

But overall, yeah, this show rocks.

  --Richard DiMaggio, PointAPlace



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