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Halfmoon Cay, Bahamas

Short Description of Halfmoon Cay, Bahamas

An unspoiled island in the Bahamas?

A small dot accessible only by small boat?

Welcome to Halfmoon Cay, an island accessible only by tender. You arrive by cruise ship, and since the water is so shallow, have to take a separate tender into shore.

Once ashore, there are a few shops with wonderful souvenirs, a place to grab lunch (although it's cruise ship food and brought to shore), and that beach--a half mile of unspoiled sand. (well, spoiled by a large fictitious bar in the shape of an old viking ship but you can escape the noise and games if you so choose)

Snorkeling gear available for daily rental.

The island's real name is Littel San Salvador Island, and is one of 70 islands that make up the archipelago of the Bahamas. It is owned by Holland America.

Serious, there is nothing to do here but chill.

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