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Grand Cayman: Four Must Do Things

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Grand Cayman is a beautiful Island known more for  its wealth than its beauty. Anonymous banking here (You’re given a number only) has made this island a destination for those who want to be part of the money hub. Guaranteed higher interest rates and complete anonymity have long been a draw (I have not followed the IRS steps to break the code of silence, so perhaps the anonymity has changed). But there is more to it than the anonymous financial industry. If you visit Grand Cayman, here’s four great things to see and do:

1. Swimming

Grand Cayman boasts beautiful beaches, and lots of them.

Grand Cayman Beaches

2. and swimming with the dolphins!

Grand Cayman boasts not just great swimming, you can also swim -with-the-dolphins. We here at didyouweekend don’t swim with the dolphins–while we appreciate all nature, we believe it’s better left untouched–but suffice to say, it’s a nice experience to at least watch (and the dolphins don’t seem to mind). You can plunge in the big pool and go deep and fast (no thanks), or stand in a shallow pool and pat them on the head (the smaller pools here)

Grand Cayman Dolphin Swim 2 (1)Grand Cayman Dolphin Swim 2 (2)Grand Cayman Dolphin Swim 3

3. The Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman is home to the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm, which is one of the globe’s most ambitious efforts to restore the sea turtle. The farm is home to thousands of sea turtles that are raised and released into the ocean.

The holding tanks are voluminous and filled with turtles. There are a variety of shows for kids.

Official site (and photos): http://www.turtle.ky/

4. Hell

Yes, Hell, Grand Cayman. Complete with its own post office to get “Hell” stamped on your post cards, this is a short jaunt from town and won’t take long to visit. Cool gift shop.

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