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'Dralion' (review) – thru 10/5

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'Dralion' (review) – thru 10/5

The Times Union Center

Albany, NY



Cirque du Soleil's 'Dralion” is in town this week to say its final goodbyes to us. After 15 years of changing the way we look at the circus, all good things must come to an end.


'Dralion' is a combination of Dragon and Lion—the Lion symbolizing the West, and the Dragon symbolizing the East--and is the symbolic fusion all things we hold dear to our hearts: Chinese acrobatics, Mid Eastern philosophy and the quest for harmony between people and nature. Take this fusion and combine it with the dynamics that no one does like Cirque du Soleil, and you know you will never be disappointed. There is an excellence we have come to expect with all Cirque shows, and you will find it here. Many of the acts are the same we find in all Cirque shows, but they are set to various themes (recall Cirktopolis at Proctors).


In the opening of Dralion, we are introduced to three funny, clown-type entertainers who delight the children throughout the show. The kids behind me were roaring, and that's exactly what the circus is meant to do. When the going gets serious, we are introduced to various characters representing the elements of nature. With water, earth, fire and others all represented in a variety of transpositions, kids will certainly get the beauty of the themes but the true meaning of mid Eastern philosophy may go over their heads. But that's ok—there's enough going on to keep them busy.


The circus work here is simply exemplary. From juggling to one of the most spectacular jump rope scenes we have ever reviewed, make no mistake ever: These performers are athletes and what they do is nothing short of mind boggling.


If there is a criticism with 'Dralion' it falls on the too much dance and extracurricular. There's lots of feng shui at the expense of yin yang. People come to the circus to see the acts and not necessarily the dance. The dance was done to transform the concept of the fusion of the elements into reality, but I am not sure it did this; it came at the expense of omitting some of the other acts we are used to.


'Dralion' remains a colorful, extraordinary piece that the family will enjoy. As the show is closing in January, this will be your last chance to see and say goodby to an icon that has been delighting families for 15 years.

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