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Atlantis, Bahamas is one of those places you must say, "I've been there". It is large, absolutely beautiful, and boy will the experience of a life time cost you. The big expense here is not the trip there, not the cost of the lodging, but the food. Buy a foodplan, or ook into alternatives (one alternative is to stay at a less expensive hotel and buy a day pass to Atantis).

The scenery here is visually stunning, and the pools pristine. But some of the rides to appear to be a bit frightful for kids. Even the lazy river turned into rapids that left me wondering if anyone has ever drowned there. I heard they "toned down" the lazy river rapids because of safety concerns.

The tubes, plunges and extreme rides are steep and high--stories high--and if someone slides off the mat the ride instant stops and a lifeguard climbs in after you. 

The pools are huge with cascading waterfalls and built in caves to escape the sun.

The aquariums in the lobbies are a main attraction. You can sit in the lobby and watch snorkelers from what must be the greatest aquarium in the world.

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Address: One Casino Drive Paradise Island, Bahamas

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